7 Ways to Attract New Clients For Your Freelancing Business

Most people who start freelancing on the internet will quickly discover that acquiring new clients can be their main concern and challenge. While there are many benefits on the Internet, advertising and providing your Internet portal with stable target traffic and potential new customers is not the easiest process unless you have the budget to outsource some actual marketing work to an agency.

Here are some tips that you can use and apply right away to help you quickly start your freelance client list.

1. Word of mouth.

This sounds too “old school”, but it’s true. If you are a freelancer offering something invaluable to others, word of mouth will become your best friend in the early days of your business. At the start of your career, you might consider offering an “intern” for a more well-known company or client. What you’re looking for here isn’t money… In the long run, the experience, fame and relationships you build are invaluable to you.

2. Website

If you plan on freelancing online, you need a website where you can call home. If you can afford it, shop around and get a quote from some professional website builders. Better companies will be in business for a few years and there will be many letters of recommendation that they can use. Larger companies will have creative employees and offer packages at different prices that almost anyone can afford. WordPress blog is a good choice for your online “base camp”. It’s free, simple, and can help you get traffic and potential customers to your website faster than a standard website.

3. Promote your service.

Again, this should go without saying. Marketing your service is for publicity. There are many different marketing methods that can gain exposure on the internet. Depending on your specific service, your marketing methods can make or break your business. Take a moment to understand the different methods and marketing models that exist online and choose wisely.

4. PPC, pay per click marketing

Google’s AdWords is the biggest PPC marketing problem on the web today. PPC or pay-per-click marketing is arguably the fastest way for anyone to generate traffic. You can open an AdWords account right away and start recruiting in just a few hours. But PPC advertising is not as easy as it sounds.

When you opened an AdWords account, you created a small ad that Google would place on search engine pages and other websites related to your business. When someone sees and clicks on your ad, it will be redirected to your website. You only have to pay Google if someone clicks on your ad.

To learn more about AdWords and how it can help your business, type “AdWords” into Google. When it comes to PPC advertising, AdWords is indeed a program worth considering.

5. Article Marketing

Article marketing, like much online marketing, is indirect. One thing led to another. In this case, writing Internet articles related to your business and submitting them to the article directory for Internet publishing can generate a steady stream of customers for your website. The key to article marketing is to leave a backlink to your website at the bottom of every article you create. Use articles to build a brand and make yourself an authority or expert in a niche industry. Build your credibility by reaching out and providing real value.

6. Social Networking Sites

Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. Actively joining social networking sites to get customers will make you busier than you think. Follow the rules of engagement and make connections! Larger social networking sites have groups within groups, and you can join these groups and establish strong connections. Many people have had great success as freelancers and use social networks only to advertise.

7. Forum Marketing

Everyone has an online forum, which almost everything is about. Joining a forum related to your service will surely attract your customers. All forums have rules to follow. It is safe to say that spam or burning will not be tolerated.

It is safe to say that the list of different technologies for acquiring new customers on the Internet is endless. If you enter ‘marketing techniques’ as a keyword in a major search engine, you will get millions in return. Keep it simple, keep it on track and customers will soon follow.


Article source: http://EzineArticles.com/1726398

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