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Is writing always your hobby? Are you looking for a successful freelance career in India? Read more….

Not only does this article provide valuable tips for budding freelance writers, but it also solves the following problems:

The free writing market in India

Build yourself up as an online freelance writer

How to contribute to different publications

How to deal with rejection

How to get in touch with other Indian freelance writers

Top Freelance Writing Websites in India

Do you often receive emails from publications stating: “While your article is interesting, we have found that it does not match the style and spirit of our magazine…” or “We have just published an article on a similar topic as yours” and Deeply regret our incompetence…?

Will you then listlessly return to the hard work of finding other publications while looking, searching and browsing an indifferent market because of the editor who might accept your article and actually pay you?

As any freelance writer worthy of his ink knows, becoming a respected writer is a daunting task. To live off it, no! (Does anyone make a living writing?) In this dog-e-dog world, “respect” still only applies to writers who receive a fixed salary from recognized newspapers, magazines, or technology companies, not talented people. There is not a single published article that deserves credit for freelancers.

A freelance writing career is not easy

To succeed, freelance writers must let go of their self-esteem and extreme disappointment and keep knocking on the door with new vitality. He must try again and again, just like Robert Bruce, until he finally manages to capture the imagination of an astute, money-making editor who can help him become famous in print, online or in other fields. Normally, this well-paid genius editor pays him a meager salary or not at all.

Moreover, as long as you click the delete button of the editor, the idea about the idea and the hour after hour of creativity can be thrown away. Becoming a famous freelance writer may be your goal, but the path to follow is frustrating to say the least. You know, you’re fine, but unfortunately those who rule the wage market may not think so, Lady Luck skipped school when you needed her most, and you’re back to play Scrabble with other unemployed friends!

But it’s not that bad!

Cheer up, brave freelancer. Things are going to change. In fact they have changed. Print media no longer dominates; in terms of writing, the internet is comparable to the cave of Alibaba. The good news is that there are more publications and websites looking for writers than ever before. The combination of professionalism with payment ethics and the world of “outsourcing” makes “writing” a lucrative profession. Freelance writers who work from home, especially web content writers, are now a highly sought after tribe. Before you know it, healthy “respect” may follow. Needless to say moolah comes in too!

Become an expert

What is needed today is an excellent “niche writer”. Although it is limited like everything else, the demand for specialization is also unprecedented here. Travel writers, creative writers, copywriters, resume writers, content writers, technical writers, prose writers, there are markets for anything you can think of. If, after some preliminary experimentation, you can slowly open up a niche market for yourself by focusing on one of these areas, and get published (usually without paying first!), then you’re close to success. If you manage to sell your ideas, you can go home.

How to get started

The best way is to email/call the editor and keep looking online for opportunities. Let search engines (Google, Yahoo) be your trusted assistants and use them to help you find, search, and ultimately request ads or potential opportunities.

If you find a good website for you to write articles for, please refer to the submission guide or send your application. The inquiry letter is not a waste of time. On average, three-fifths of people will provoke a response that will help you move forward.

While it is common practice in established writing circles not to start writing until you have achieved understanding, as a beginner you can’t take any chances. So, until you have enough work, give them what they want, regardless of the subject, or give them something you’ve already written. It’s very likely they will use it and use a nice “thanks for submitting” letter or not pay you at all, but if it gets rejected or you never hear from them again, very likely, lose

communication. Most are free. It gives you a good idea of ​​their reliability. In general, avoid the ones that promise you the moon. Look for people who appear to be sincere. However, do not subscribe or pay any fees until you have confirmed the login details of the website. In addition, do not forget to regularly check the various published lists of dishonest and night flight operators. Soon you will be able to separate the wheat from the chaff.

occupational risks

Sometimes you may also discover that your article was published without a penny of the promised amount, or worse, published on behalf of another writer. Oh yes, it can also be completely transformed (usually very incompetent) so that you may not even recognize it as your own name. Chances are you’ll give up writing altogether. Print media in particular are notorious for this! But this is a danger you need to be aware of, and it’s part of your career. While new laws are being introduced and forums are being held to prevent such incidents, few people can really stop them except to avoid using such websites and magazines in the future.

Pay with card (literally!)

So your article was rejected?

Despite disappointment and rejection, you need to stay fresh and write patiently every day – about anything, about anything!
never stop. never give up. Don’t short yourself. It’s only a matter of time before your item starts finding the market and finally meets your criteria

Don’t get mad at the editor for rejecting your article. Try to build a relationship with your editor. Send them an application letter from time to time and then gently remind them of your existence! Normally you may not get a response. But stick to it. Who knows, they might just remember to call your service when needed. Or, when they’re looking for someone with your skills, your email can reach them. When they contact you to write articles, they also start paying. Slowly but surely you will soon find more and more contributions in print/upload, and with that comes “recognition”. And this recognition will quickly turn your output into US dollars, even if it’s not directly million dollars. Then you, a freelance writer who works from home, come along.

Network method:

You can also get a lot of useful tips by joining various interesting writing communities and lists (Yahoo, Msn, etc.) on the internet. And you’ll realize you’re not the only freelance writer on a lonely vacation. It gives a strong sense of belonging and helps to respect your creativity.

Online Free Writing Market for Indian Writers

While there is no guarantee that your article will be found immediately or that all websites on the Internet are legal, there are many websites and publications that accept and rely on freelance writers to submit them. You have to filter them to pick the real ones and pick the ones that fit your purpose. Just as many websites insist on charging a membership fee or subscription fee to view their market database, there are also many websites that post interesting free paid offers!

Cold wind network

Of particular interest to writers and businesses is the Indian website Chillibreeze. Chillibreeze’s writing network includes talented people from diverse backgrounds.

Operating outside of India but all over the world via the internet, it matches writers and projects very effectively. Chillibreeze is fully committed to savvy freelance writers! The author selection process takes into account several factors, including the author’s profile and the quality of the samples submitted on our website. said the doctor. Nishi Viswanathan, Chief Content Officer of Chillibreeze, “Chillibreeze provides a stage for Indian writers to showcase their talents and collaborate with clients from all over the world. Our writers love the flexibility and freedom we offer them. Every article written by a Chillibreeze writer Everything goes through a rigorous editing and quality control process before it is shipped to customers so that our customers can get high-quality, error-free content. We can provide more opportunities for Indian writers in the years to come.”

According to Dr Viswanathan, Chillibreeze will soon launch a new website designed for Indian freelance writers.

Visit the Chillibreeze website for more information.

Indian Freelancers

This is a freelance portal for freelance writers in India. While the items posted here may seem real, the site also allows you to post your personal information for free. The Freelance India team describes the portal as a website, “for freelancers

This is for India, but the site is not very user-friendly. Writers bid for the project, and the lowest bid wins. Writers often get meager rewards.


This is a website for journalists, media users (including non-professional readers and audiences), journalism and communication majors and teachers. It also seeks to provide communities and individuals with tools to interact with the media. According to the thehoot team, the site will “try to establish a mirror of how journalists work in the area.”

Ten steps to a successful freelance writing career

· Go online regularly to find new opportunities, including print media and online media.

· Reply to as many messages as possible. Set aside one hour each day for this.

Send question letters to the editor on topics you think can be written

· Pick a few editors and ask them if you want to write for them or send them what you have written

· Enter into a conversation with them. Build a strong relationship with your editor.

· Participate in as many competitions as possible. The confidence you get is huge.

· Become an active member on the list and use the forum as a sounding board.

· Patience and perseverance are your best assets.

· Continue to write and continue to send your work to different publications. Your masterpiece will finally find its home!

·Never get discouraged. Rejection is a stepping stone to the great success of the writer!

Looking for more resources? Wait a minute.

Chillibreeze.com is launching a free online resource guide for freelance writers in India. This short guide lists about 100 paid marketplaces/websites that are both popular and freelance writer-friendly. Be careful with this valuable guide.

Good luck in your freelance writing career!

Sreelata Menon is a freelance writer who likes to write articles on various topics. The more controversial the better! Her “letters to the editor” on current events often appear in newspapers, while her articles appear in various print and online publications. She has a master’s degree in history from the University of Mumbai and has worked as an assistant editor for The Spectator and World Trade magazines. She taught history to students, worked as an accounting supervisor at an advertising company, and gave television interviews as an emerging professional before turning to a full-time freelance writer.


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