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The world is becoming a busy place with each day going by. At some point, the latest gadgets that were once only seen in movies start to become mainstream and such gadgets aid us in maximizing our productivity even more than before. Our lives are now filled with gadgets like smart phones and tablets, not because we want them but because technology has made it essential for us to have them in order for us to get things done quickly and efficiently. We no longer type away on computers (desktop or laptop), we do everything online through our mobile devices. As a matter of fact, we don’t talk about work anymore; we discuss everything about work through chat applications like WhatsApp , Viber , Snapchat , Skype etc. Although these apps help you maximize your productivity while you are out of the office, there are times when you have to ‘step away from the technology’ and actually go back to face-to-face conversations.

Having said that, many people would like to find a freelancer to outsource some of the menial task that one is doing. From, a freelancer is a person who sells services to employers without a long-term commitment to any of them. So when we talk about finding a freelancer, it is not limited to finding someone who works online; it can be someone offline too. Freelancers come in all shapes and sizes; they can be either young or old; they may not necessarily look like what your boss looks like.

Here are some tips to help you find a freelancer:

1. Ask co-workers. The first place that you should check is within your own company, more specifically the people who work with you or for you. There might be someone that your boss trusts and would be willing to hire as an outside worker even if it’s just temporary initially.

2. Check referrals from friends and family members . They may not know any professionals in their line of work but they can make a few calls to search for a person who could assist you with what needs to be done.

3. Use social media . Platforms like Twitter , Facebook , LinkedIn etc can connect you with thousands of other people around the world instantly. Their profiles will reveal their profession and whether or not they would be able to assist you with the task that needs to be done.

4. Use online freelancing sites . Websites like Freelancer , Upwork , Odesk etc provide a platform for people from all over the world who want to become freelancers to showcase what they can do. You can even get feedback from others who have used their services in the past, which will give you an insight into whether or not it is worth hiring someone via such websites.

5. Check job boards . Job boards may require a small fee but companies also post projects on them, so if you have a budget then using job boards should be your first choice because unlike freelancing websites where there are thousands of applicants, job boards will provide you with a limited number of applicants which makes finding the right person much easier.

6. Get recommendations from people outside your company . You can do this via industry forums where members meet and discuss various topics about their line of work or by attending business events such as seminars and conferences. Anybody associated with your field should be able to recommend someone who is capable of completing the task that needs to be done, whether it’s part-time or full-time. The benefit of getting recommendations from people outside your company is that they may not know anybody working for you personally so chances are that they will only make a recommendation if they think the person applying for the role is competent enough to do it successfully even if it’s just temporary.

7. Chec Know When To Fire Your Virtualk online job-posting websites . Job boards will require you to pay a certain amount of money for each post that you make but sites like Indeed , Monster , CareerBuilder etc allow users to post free ads so if your budget is limited then it would be the best place to start looking for someone who can assist you with your menial task. Again, there are thousands of applicants so keep in mind that the more people who apply, the harder it will be for you to find the right person.

8. Use social media skill tests . There are available applications where people can test their skills on various platforms through their mobile devices or computers online. You can then judge based on their responses whether or not they can complete the task that you need done.

9. Look at sample work . A potential freelancer may not be able to do good work without Business some proof, more importantly someone who is applying for a role outside their field of expertise. So ask them to provide proof of their past work and find out if they can deliver more of the same quality of work which will help you determine whether or not they are suitable for what needs to be done.

10. Communicate with them via online chat . You can test how well your prospective candidate communicates by talking with them over Skype , through online chats like Facebook Messenger , Google Hangouts etc so you know beforehand whether or not it w for Yourould be easy working with them based on conversations alone before taking things further.

11. MeeAs)t them in person . This is the best way to find out if an individual will be able to comp Assistants (Vlete the task that needs doing successfully, because you can get a better insight into their personality and work ethic which you would not know based only on onlin Find the Best Virtuale interactions alone. So try figuring out when it would be most suitable for them to meet with you, either during office hours or after your regular business hours so they won’t have any distractions while working for you. Try meeting at a coffee shop or somewhere where there are no office politics involved so they can focus solely on completing what needs to be done. And lastly, set specific goals for each on toe-on-one session, don’t just sit down without an agenda otherwise your meeting will be pointless and waste of time for both parties.

There a Howre many factors that you must take into consideration before hiring a freelan..cer or temporary worker to help with your menial task. If you would like to outsourcblogspote someone who knows how to use the latest Microsoft Office suite such as Word, PowerPoint and Excel then it would make sense if they can demonstrate their proficienc.y over Skype or during a meeting in person so you know beforehand whether or 1not they can complete what needs doing successfully even if it’s just temporary. istantWhen talking online try using screenshots via applications like Snagit so you have vi avirtualass howtohire Getting Started Basics of- Thesual proof of what is being said instead of ‘he said’ ‘she said’ reporting which adds Part 1) | (VA Assistantnothing new to the discussion itself. It would also be wise to follow the steps listed a Virtualbove for narrowing down your search results. Good luck finding the right person!

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