Five Ways Fiverr Can Help You Become a Copywriter

A lot of people think Fiverr is a place to get a cheap logo or a quick ebook cover, but for most copywriters it’s a valuable source of work.

Fiverr — I’ve been using it since January 2013 and have made over $1,000 from the site. In this article, I want to share with you my experience — five ways Fiverr can help you build your copywriting career.

1. Be an Ad Master

I’m not sure if this really counts as a benefit, but it’s something interesting I found out when selling gigs on Fiverr. If you search for ‘ad’, ‘ads’ or even just the letter ‘a’, chances are one of my ads will appear. It doesn’t matter how well it matches the product, because the matching criteria is very broad — basically anything that starts with the word ad will match (copywriting gigs starting with ad don’t match, however).

Clicking through to see my gig page shows me that in June 2014 alone (that’s ONE MONTH), I made over $300 from people clicking on my ad.

That’s why it’s important to include “Super-Urgent: Click here to order” or similar in your title, so people know they need to act fast if they want your gig.

2. Copy & Paste for Cash

If you search for ‘ebook cover’ on Fiverr, you’ll find hundreds of people offering their services as ebook cover designers. The thing is — many of them are copywriters masquerading as graphic designers! I’ve seen the same templates show up time and again with different stock photos pasted onto them. Now, that kind of goes against Fiverr rules, but it still happens, because the customers don’t seem to care enough about originality and creativity to complain.

If you’re a copywriter, why not offer your services as an ebook cover designer too? I’m not talking about the work involved in writing the book itself — just the cover art. You can charge extra for that if you want, but do bear in mind that people who are hiring ebook cover designers from Fiverr aren’t necessarily looking to spend a lot of money on their project. Most of the ebooks I’ve done covers for have been self-published books written by marketers trying to sell more courses and programs out of their own brand (rather than through affiliate networks like Clickbank). It’s good practice for designing high-quality ebook covers anyway, so it’s worth doing even if you don’t get paid much.

I’ve also had success doing ebook covers for non-fiction books on Fiverr that have nothing to do with marketing, e.g., ‘How to Make Teriyaki Chicken’. To be honest, I’d never even made an ebook cover before starting Fiverr work! The point is, there are endless opportunities out there if you cast your net wide enough — but make sure you put some real effort into your work or customers won’t bother hiring you again.

3. Know Your Audience

One of the most difficult things about copywriting projects is knowing what sort of tone and angle to take. With Fiverr gigs, this isn’t an issue — it’s usually clear from the customer’s description exactly what they’re after.

I’ve done some pretty weird gigs, personally (and some others), like this one:

That’s an actual Fiverr gig I did that you’ll see in my portfolio on the Fiverr website. But it doesn’t matter if no one has ever tried selling a bikini before — all the customer cared about was what she wanted on her bikini (i.e., graphics). The rest is up to me — which is why I researched other women’s bikinis beforehand, like this page . A good copywriter knows how to research industries and find inspiration in unexpected places. If someone asks for “extra special attention” because it’ll be their “one-hundredth cover design,” then you know they’re looking for something different. So are you — so are your customers.

4. Avoid Commitment

One of the big problems with copywriting is finding clients who actually pay what they owe once the project is finished. With Fiverr gigs, I know in advance exactly how much money I’ll be paid up front , plus have a better idea of who my client will be before agreeing to take on the order . If my gig is accepted by that client, then great! If not, then no problem — either way I don’t lose too much time on it.

5. Focus on Quality Over Quantity

Even when you’re trying to sell ‘gigs’ (i.e., work) for $5 each, quality will always shine through. You can’t sell crap on Fiverr — because there are too many other people selling similar services. If you do crappy work, then clients won’t come back to you for more gigs.

Try writing your first Fiverr gig without copypasting anything! It’ll help you improve your skills as a copywriter (for non-gig related articles) and make contacts in the industry too. Thanks for reading my article; leave me a comment below if you’ve ever tried selling your copywriting expertise on Fiverr before!

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