Freelance Happiness in Your Fiverr Home Business

1. Ten-minute “freelancer’s reflection” for successful work!

2. The three things freelancers do to feel happiness beyond money

3. Freelancers can craft their own jobs! * Where does job crafting come from? * How do you craft your own life, instead of just letting it pass by? * What are the three job crafting techniques to feel happier fast? * How can you apply the secret to your own life?


If you are like most people, sometimes it seems like freelancers are their own worst enemies… even if they get the same gigs as other, more successful freelancers. Just getting started is hard enough…. But why do some people quit too soon in spite of being really excited about making money from home? Because having a plan in place* helps to keep you motivated until “life happens” and creates new goals for us. The goal is not just stable income–it’s stable happiness . So how do we make positive changes in our lives, for the long term? The secret to freelancer happiness in a fiverr home business is “job crafting.” You can use job crafting techniques to improve your work experience even if you are already past the start-up phase.


Happy people know that money doesn’t equal happiness . Yet it’s hard not to feel happier when you have more of both–money and happiness. Here are three freelance work actions that seem counterintuitive…. but really go together magically well: 1) Lower your billable rates (but only if you want to)! 2) Make your about loyalty, not just money 3) Take on less work.


Crafting a job means changing it for the better–to suit you better, not just to get more of it or a “better” quality of life. It can take time and be scary, but it’s worth it if you have the right idea in your head from the start: The secret to happiness as freelancer is crafting your own job . You don’t have to fit yourself into someone else’s world where everyone fits together like Lego bricks that are identical inside and out…. Instead, choose what makes you happy, build your own little world with those pieces only–and create something unique you love way more than any other creation.

Where does job crafting come from? Job crafting has been studied at length. The answer about why some people are happier than others, with the same work schedule and pay, is that “the secret of happiness” lies in how you craft your lifestyle–especially if you are a freelancer.

How do you craft your own life, instead of just letting it pass by? This is less “how-to” than… an invitation to think about what makes up YOUR dream world. What pieces of Lego will YOU use to build your perfect life? Are there activities or ways of thinking that make you feel joyful or full of possibilities? How can you mix them together now to enhance your experience as a freelancer (or anyone else)? If you feel like you are losing track of who you are… it’s time to take a look at your life. In other words, what pieces do you need more? Are they there already, waiting for you to discover them and rebuild your world from scratch?

What are the three job crafting techniques to feel happier fast? You will have the most satisfying freelance work experience if you embrace these ideas: 1) Fill your daily routine with meaningful activities 2) Map out a long-term plan 3) Start small.

Most freelancers know that the secret to happiness is not just about being busy all the time–it’s about having a mix of emotions. If we think of our lives as a product that we have created, then we can imagine wanting to improve it. When you feel like you are stuck, then think of that product as your life–and craft it into something more satisfying!

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