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Just like self-published authors can make a ton of money, so can freelance writers.

Yes, I said it: Freelance writers. Those people that ghostwrite books for celebrities and politicians (and others), write term papers, create newsletters and ebooks, blog posts for websites—you name it.

While the number of freelancers is growing exponentially in this online world, so is the need for quality writing services. This means you can charge anywhere between $5 to $500 or more per article depending on your experience level.

What’s cool about this industry is that there are no limits to how much you’ll earn if you learn how to be consistent with the work you do (plus market). You could easily replace your current income or even become a wealthy freelancer by simply taking action and learning the trade.

I know what you’re thinking:   I can’t write, so how can I make money doing this? Don’t worry; I’ve got your back.

Writing for Freelance Writing Gigs Sites

There are many freelance writing gigs websites that provide thousands of clients with content on a regular basis. Some of these sites will require you to have some experience under your belt while others don’t ask for anything except for an application form to be filled out so they can review it.

Some of the best freelance writing gigs websites include MediaBistro , ProBlogger Job Board , BloggingPro Jobs Board , Elance , Guru and oDesk .

To sweeten things even more for you, most of these sites will pay you upfront before the article is due. Yes, that’s right. You will get paid simply by agreeing on a price per article or blog post.

This means if you’re just starting out as a freelance writer, this is an excellent first practice site to join—and I highly recommend you try it out first before diving into anything else. And don’t worry about not getting enough practice because these sites are flooded with jobs every single day.

Aside from these sites, you’ll also find thousands of clients posting up new writing gigs daily on Craigslist , Freelance Writing Gigs on “Writer Beware” , Job Boards for Writers and Newsgroups like Craigslist and .

Another benefit of working on these freelance writing gigs sites is that you can apply for as many jobs as you want and still only get paid for the ones you accept. This means if you’re not feeling a job, just reject it and move along to the next one. Plus, most of these gigs websites also provide some type of communication system so clients can feel free to communicate with their writers whenever they want.

The key here is to remember that your talent and expertise should be well defined before delving into any area of freelance writing because this will set up boundaries for the kind of clients you will attract (yes, attracting them is very important). Which leads me to my next point…

Defining Your Expertise and Talent as a Freelance Writer

It is said that you should not be in such a rush to jump into an area of writing until you first learn more about the industry you’re getting yourself into. This makes perfect sense because it’s difficult to land gigs on freelance writing gigs sites if your talent and expertise are unclear.

For example, if you want to become a successful sports writer, then it doesn’t make any sense for you to write articles about music or technology (unless you’re simply practicing your craft). So let’s say sports is where your interest lies; how do you go about defining your talent and expertise as a freelance writer? Here are some tips:

Tip #1 – Use free online tools like Google Trends or Google Analytics to see which sports are popular enough to justify your time.

Tip #2 – Take a look at the different kinds of sports-related articles that are posted on freelance writing gigs websites and see if there’s something you like better than others.

Tip #3 – Look back in history and consider what types of articles were popular during Super Bowl season (for example) and remember this trick for next year.

As an experiment, I started off writing about soccer because it was one of my passions but when I looked into it further; I found out that there were already tons of people who loved writing about soccer and had been doing so for years (and making good money from it). So instead, I settled on authoring books about soccer instead because there was less competition.

And remember, it’s better to be the #1 writer in a small market than to be the #1 thousandth writer writing about something that everyone else is already doing. You’d probably make more money too since there are fewer people competing for gigs on smaller markets.

Plus, you’ll also find that once you stick to what you know and love (your talent) and where your interest lies (your expertise), you will become much more efficient and effective with your time; not to mention happier while pursuing your goals.

Ready To Get Started?

By now, I’m sure you’re itching to get started right away but don’t forget that it takes several years of practice before becoming professional. This means that the more you write, the better your chances of landing a job as a freelance writer. That’s why I suggest spending some time first on one or all of these sites below:

List of Sites to Find Freelance Writing Gigs

In addition to those gigs websites mentioned above, here are some other places where savvy online writers find clients as well as some tips from experienced freelancers I’ve had the pleasure of talking with about their success:

Newsletters – Joining newsletters that put out writing jobs daily is another great way to get started and build up your portfolio .

ProBlogger Jobs Board – Another highly recommended board by fellow bloggers and professionals and it even has an RSS feed you can receive notifications when new gigs are posted.

ProBlogger Forums – Need a job? Then the ProBlogger forums is a great place to start. Just be advised that you need to prove yourself before being allowed to join conversations .

Freelance Job Sites – Check out list of freelance writing jobs found here and pay special attention to those under “writing” or “copywriting”.

HARO – Get your name in lights by joining Help A Reporter Out (HARO) which allows journalists, bloggers and regular people looking for opinions on their articles or blog posts post requests for writers on this board. Be warned though; there’s usually an avalanche of hundreds of requests each day so don’t expect quick responses .

Access – Another good source for freelance writing jobs that require a membership fee but you can actually save money by becoming a member.

Directory List – If you’re looking for a more curated list of freelance writing websites, then try this directory from Digital Point . Just be sure to check the site’s disclaimer at the footer.

In addition to those tips mentioned above, I’d also like to point out that it doesn’t matter if you land gigs on high paying markets or low paying markets as long as you stick with your talents and expertise. In fact, many successful freelancers use lower paying jobs as their stepping stones to bigger and better things so take advantage of your talent now even if it means doing some grunt work in the beginning.

Ready To Get Started?

Now that you have an idea how to go about finding freelance writing gigs, it’s now time to take action. So what are you waiting for? If you’re not already making use of any of the sites mentioned above, then I suggest that you start today.

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