Freelancing Tips to Ensure High Job Quality

1) Ensure freelancers are real active workers on Elance

2) Chat with potential candidates to see how they communicate

3) Be cautious of over-the-top bids

4) Require applicants to complete a test project before committing to them.  This is your opportunity to review their communication skills, quality of work and it also reduces the chances of choosing a scammer.

5) Avoid bidding wars and initially resist responding to low bids

6) Do not give away your project!  Keep freelancers motivated by remaining in control and avoiding too much back-and-forth communication

7) Keep records of all communication on Elance, including what you have asked them to do

8) Verify freelancer’s ownership of the account they are using to apply to your project by looking at their profile.  If they don’t have any work samples, use caution.

9) Check the person’s feedback carefully to see if there are complaints or low ratings.  Also, check how newly registered the account is

10) Ask for the source of any “test” they give you to review.  They should be original and not stolen from somewhere else on Elance

11) Use a contract that specifies payment terms, confidentiality and ownership of work.

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