How To Make Income On Fiverr

One of the most unique feature of is that payment for services (to be delivered) are fixed at $5. The site has over 3 million gigs and over 60 different categories in which they are offered, like voiceovers, logo designs, app installs etc.

“How To Make Income On Fiverr Article To Make Money Online”

How to make money on fiverr :- 100+ Gigs List 2017 2018 From newbies to freelancers have something to offer everyone can access this site with their gmail id or Facebook account making it more secure and reliable one place for so many profiles where people can contact you with their requirements or projects just by looking at your profile.

What you need to Sell on Fiverr :-

You can sell any of your services for which you have a good amount of knowledge or with the help of some tutorial videos that are available over YouTube. No doubt, with just $5 it is impossible to start a high earning site but this might be a good place to practice and gain experience in beginning stage. If someone likes your service they can always pay more than $5 though few people offer something extra for free also so it is advisable not to trust anyone blindly. You can start with any service under category from writing content, designing logos, banners ads etc.

How To Make A Profile On Fiverr ?-

To make a profile on fiverr/ to sell your service you need to make a gig which acts as an advertisement for your business. On it is said that Sellers are responsible for all services listed in their Gig, so please beware of the gigs that have no reviews or ratings.

Fiverr Payment Structure:-

Fiverr takes 20% of money from each transaction, using PayPal which makes them completely safe because they do not require any extra information other than what is required by PayPal to complete the transaction/transfer process. It has been seen that Fiverr bans accounts periodically but it has never happened with any confirmed reports yet there might be some loopholes left in their system so I would always prefer doing transactions through PayPal rather than relying on fiverr directly.

How To Make Money On Fiverr ?-

In order to make money on fiverr, you need to learn how important it is to have a good rating with positive reviews the main reason being that people might also pay more for your service if they see that you are reliable and trustworthy in this business. In present time with so many scams going on over internet it becomes very hard for people to trust anyone so being honest and offering quality services with quick responses can be a huge advantage for you.

You should also post a detailed gig about yourself giving all information about your skills or what you can offer in your service apart from just $5 gigs, though no one will start off career by doing gigs worth thousands but it will give you more opportunities to make some extra money in your spare time. It’s also important to understand that there are many people providing same type of services but the key is how you sell yourself by attracting your potential customer which should be done by targeting the right audience or work on SEO technique for better ranking or promotion of your service/ profile which should be done before making any gigs.

Gig upgrades:-

There are several different gig upgrades offered on fiverr like faster delivery, adding more gigs etc while buying a gig one can upgrade their purchase with these gig upgrades. As far as I know, fiverr takes 20% commission plus $5 from every upgraded gig leaving 80% for seller and $1 goes into Fivver’s pocket.

The prices listed below are the same for everyone, no matter how many gigs you sell or upgrade; there is no discount or bonus, however it should be noted that Fiverr does offer a $10 bonus which can be used to purchase gig upgrades if you start your account with at least $5. If you want to spend this bonus money for purchasing gigs then I will advice not to buy any one dollar gigs because they might end up in banning your account without a refund.

If you decide to keep the money on your Fivver balance then do not worry about buying gigs worth more than what you have in your wallet because if someday, when total amount in seller’s account is less than what he paid for upgraded gigs then he can request a refund and Fiverr will pay the difference to seller’s account.

Fiverr Alternative Sites:-

It is always advised to be careful even while using genuine sites like fiverr, there are many alternative sites available out there which might or might not be legit so it is recommended to do thorough online research before making an account on any freelancing site. The only reason I am choosing Fivver other than all other similar websites is that they have the lowest threshold for beginners because other similar sites ask for a minimum of $50 as a startup fee but this doesn’t mean that other sites are bad but at least I know how to use this one without facing any issue.

There are some alternatives to fiverr available on internet like Instabucks, but I know nothing about these sites so if you do well research before joining any site then only choose the best one for yourself which might be Fivver in your case.

Fiverr Reviews:-

Fiverr reviews can be found everywhere and there is no better place than this page to read some honest reviews about this site because we are just discussing tips and tricks related to it and not selling anything here. The main reason behind writing this article is that when people start their career in freelancing then they should also be well aware of what other sellers are doing in order to help them learn and grow in their own way and make a good name for themselves in the freelancing community.

Fiverr Best Practices:-

Always use proper grammar and English when writing a gig description because there are many buyers from USA, UK, Australia etc who might not understand your native language so make sure to include all necessary information in the main description making it easier for them to choose you.

Add links or refer to few previous gigs if required while writing new gigs, this will give customers more idea about you and they can hire you without any doubt of getting low quality service which can lead to banning of account by Fivver. Always deliver on time but usually customers usually wait a few extra days for better quality work so it is advised not to rush into things thinking you will be losing potential customers by taking more time.

Fiverr And Gigs:-

There are many categories available on Fivver like writing gigs, videos, music, voiceovers etc but if you are looking for high earning potential gigs then I will suggest not to waste your time in these categories because either there are million other sellers providing the same service or no one is ordering because the prices are too low.

If you want to start earning money online then it is advised that you should sell services that offer double money back guarantee because this will increase trust in buyer’s mind which can lead to increased sales. For example, if you are an expert at web designing and offering a gig with 100% money back guarantee then what usually happen is when customer purchases the gig then if they are not happy with the quality then they simply ask for a refund and you will get 100% money back, this shows that you are confident about your work and it increases the trust of customers towards you which in turn results in increased sales.

Fiverr Payment:-

There is no better payment gateway than Fivver because buyers can purchase gigs using PayPal so there is no fear of getting scammed by anyone, Fivver takes 20% commission on every sale so it is always advisable to keep full contact information including address visible on gig page for security purpose.


We have discussed almost everything related to Fiverr here but if still facing any issue or want to share tips/tricks then feel free to leave a comment. Share the post with all your friends and relatives who are new in freelancing because I know nothing about other similar sites so it is better to stick with Fivver only.

Thank You!

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