How to Sell a Service on Fiverr

This is how I made $86.50 on Fiverr in just one week!

So you want to know how to make money on fiverr? Here’s how I do it…

What you’ll need:  a PayPal account, an internet connection, and an updated resume or portfolio (optional).

1. Sign up for a free Fiverr account.  To sign up click here .  You also have the option of signing up through Facebook or your Google+ account. If you use your Twitter, Tumblr, deviantART, or LinkedIn account then you will automatically follow the people who are selling similar services as you are.

b) Personalize your profile by uploading a headshot photo, making a short description about yourself, and uploading your resume or portfolio (optional).

2. To begin making money, browse through the jobs available on Fiverr.  It is recommended you start off with lower priced gigs in order to build up your seller’s rating faster.

3. You’ll see a variety of gigs from design services, writing services, programming services, voice-overs, graphics work, music work, video editing/ hosting , etc.; all of which have been posted by different people. Click on the “Hire Me” button next to any one that interests you and select a gig that is within your skill set so it will be easier for you to complete the job as promised without having to back out because it’s too difficult.

4. Complete the gig by doing whatever was asked of you within 24 hours of purchase (if it’s a longer task, then this time will vary).  If you are unable to complete the job for whatever reason then please inform the buyer that you are no longer able to help them and refund their money so they can look elsewhere for assistance if needed.

5. Once completed, wait for your buyer to post a positive rating based on your performance during the order process. This is crucial as it helps build your seller’s rating which in turn helps more people be inclined to buy from you . Successful feedback will also appear on your profile allowing future customers to see what kind of work you do or how long you take to complete orders.

6. Repeat this process until you have enough money to upgrade your account so you can take advantage of seller protection and increase your order limit to $500 or more per month if desired! Best of luck on Fiverr!

How I got my first gig on fiverr:

My first gig was easy enough, just simply googled something like “I need help with xyz” then clicked the first result that looked like it would be able to fulfill my needs then clicked hire me since it’s free money why not? It pays off well I’ll make sure anyone who stumbles upon this blog knows! There are some gigs that pay much better than others but generally speaking you will probably only see sales in the range of 1-5 dollars.

Thanks for reading! If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or inquiries feel free to ask in the comment section below! I try my best to respond to all questions very quickly. However, if your question remains unanswered after 24 hours then please e-mail me at . Good Luck!

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