Should I Freelance?

Q: I’ve been considering this option for a long time. Do I have to work from home as a freelancer? But the answer, the logical answer, always wins. Can I survive? The funny thing is… I always think I can’t. I am a single mother. If I fail, my children will fail with me. We don’t eat anything. So?


Dear Abby,

I’m glad you’re asking this question because it’s the exact same question I asked myself 7 years ago. At that time I had a one month old child (now I have 2) and I know that if I enter the world of freelancing (which I really want to do) I will succeed or… fail. I cannot take failure as an answer.

I know each of us is different. Our circumstances are different, and the circumstances surrounding our decisions are also different, but… one thing is the same. The enthusiasm to go beyond company boundaries.

Good questions to ask yourself:

Do you want to freelance?

Do you want more freedom?

Don’t want to answer anyone?

Do you feel like you can make more money with your own business over time?

Do you want control over your life?

Are you willing to learn everything to make it in the freelance world?

When thrown into the business world, are you willing to do anything to survive?

Are you willing to learn, make mistakes, make and close deals?

Can you negotiate with people?

Can you admit you made a mistake and correct it?

Are you flexible?

Are you willing to learn technology? Just like on the internet… of course.

Are you willing to give up the traditional way of doing business?

Can you be trusted?

If you notice, these problems are all your problems. For one reason… the decision is yours, nobody else’s. I can’t help you make a decision because I’m not you… and I’m not in your place and circumstances.

Now, before you join my trend (the freelancer trend), consider whether you have enough financial reserves to start freelancing for a few months (if you want to make sure your kids eat something throughout the day is this point is very important) ). Before you start freelancing, consider whether you have the support of friends and family (they can crush your dreams in one day!). Are you willing to walk the extra mile to make your dreams come true?

It takes a lot of effort to become a freelancer… to make this leap. You’re standing on the edge of a cliff, wanting to know and think, while the rest of the world just evolves.

Listen to your heart, Abby. If your heart tells you to do this, move on and your mind will follow. Communicate and learn from your mistakes (and those of others), and you will do well.

If you haven’t made a cent after six months, go back to work. If you’re making $150 a month, I’d say keep pulling.

believe in yourself. Good luck, Abby.

Yours, Martha


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