Some Advantages and Some Disadvantages of Freelancing

Now, if you want to become a freelance writer, then firstly you must think about the advantages and disadvantages of such a profession. Following are some of them:

– Being your own boss

The major advantage is that you need not work under any other person and feel suffocated even for a small work. You know what suits your work best, so you can give your 100% for that task. You will be the only one to take decisions for yourself.

– Varied range of subjects

Being a freelance writer, you are not bound to just one topic or one area. You can choose the topics and areas where you want to work on. Whether it is technology, sports, politics or even stock market, you can do the writing on all of these.

– No time limit

If you are working for someone then there is usually a deadline on which the work must be done by. But if you are doing it as a freelancer, then there is no such restriction and you can complete the work at your own pace early or late. You will not have to rush anywhere to meet any sort of deadlines.

– Improvisation of choice

As said earlier that being a freelance writer, you will have full freedom over choosing the topics that interest you. This way, you will enjoy doing that task rather than just getting bored with some general topic that doesn’t appeal to your mind nor heart. Even if anyone tells you to write about something, you can always improvise it in your own way.

– Write what you like

Generally when people work for someone else, they write according to their needs and not according to their interests. But if you are freelance writer then this rule does not apply because the main aim of working as a freelancer is that you must enjoy doing it while earning some money out of it.

– You get paid instantly

As compared to other professions where payments are made at the end of the month or after 6 months or so, payments made by freelance writers are almost instant. This saves time and energy of both parties involved in the contract which acts as an advantage because there is no dispute over payments or timeline issues. Though this is not necessary that you get paid every week but the payments are made in advance to help avoid any sort of disputes.

– Learn new things

As a freelance writer, you will be required to write on topics about which you know nothing at all. This way, you can learn and increase your knowledge by researching more and more into that topic that is new for you. You can then share your knowledge and experience with others that too will help you grow as a person.

– Freedom from boredom

If you do the same thing over and over again day in and day out, it will definitely bore you eventually. But if you try something new each time or even take up writing for different topics than this boredom factor is completely ruled out here because doing the same thing over and over again is not possible as you have to deal with different people, different topics, different demands etc.

– Can work according to your own time

Since you are self-employed, you have full control over your timetable or weekly routine. You can work early morning or late night if you wish because no one else except yourself will dictate it for you. So this way, you can set your schedule in a way that makes you feel relaxed and comfortable while working on something that interests you.

– No boss or superiors around

As said earlier that you are self employed, there is no chance of having any sort of bosses around who can give orders for what they want done by when. This means that unless and until you take up any project, you are free to do as you please. So this is the main advantage of working as a freelance writer that there are no rules or regulations to follow around which makes your life easier.

– Flexibility in terms of location

This is another advantage because if you wish, you can work for someone else but still keep your home as your base and not shift to other places for the sake of office work. You can be flexible with your working hours so instead of going off to some other place every morning, coming back home in the evening and then starting off again after having food etc all this becomes easy because wherever there is internet connection, you like within boundaries of your own home can sit down and start doing what you have to.

– Work from anywhere in the world

As said earlier, since you are a freelance writer you can work from anywhere in the world so long as there is an internet connection available. Since every other person in this world also uses internet for their different needs and requirements, it has become very important part of our lifestyle today. So even if you wish to go abroad for a vacation or travel to some other place or enjoy your time at home itself, working online becomes quite easy because wherever there is good internet connectivity, no matter where you sit down all that matters is your writing skills and not any other thing at all.

– Be your own boss/incharge

In this profession, when you get work from someone else then you can work according to your own requirements and priorities. You will not have any sort of superiors around who will give you orders that you need to follow for your daily routine. This means that if you wish, you can sit back, relax and work at your own pace without doing anything extra or unnecessary at all.

– Work from different places whenever required

As a freelance writer, if by chance some emergency comes up where you are needed somewhere else then since there is no boss or superior around with whom you have to be present physically in case of such emergencies, it becomes quite easy for you to go wherever the requirement comes from. So this helps as an advantage because instead of wasting time on working locally on something that is not needed here, we can focus on other more important and required things.

– Extra income for yourself:

It is always a good idea to earn extra money because there are times when you require it urgently or suddenly some emergency comes up that demands extra cash then too working as a freelancer gives you the right amount of an income that can be used as and when needed. So this is one such advantage here that since we do not have to give any shares of our earnings to anyone around, we get all the benefits to ourselves only. – Be your own boss; set your own time & conditions

– Flexibility with location; work from anywhere in the world (as long as there’s internet)

– Work from different places whenever required

Background: The disadvantages of Freelancing As we all know that nothing comes easy and similarly this holds true for freelance writing as well. Since you do not have any boss sitting over your head and giving slightest hint of what needs to be done, there are times when things become really frustrating because you cannot decide the flow of the work. Here are a few disadvantages associated with this profession:

– No guarantee or warranty of work at all

Since this is a very competitive field where everyone is trying their best to come out on top, it becomes necessary for writers to improve themselves constantly by learning new languages and how to write better than before. So unless and until we ourselves do not put in our 100% efforts into our writing then will be no benefit whatsoever. This means that with ever changing trends in the field of writing quality is also required all the time with good language use. So if you are not really serious about your writing then this profession will never do any justice to you at all.

– Competition keeps increasing every day

As said earlier, with every passing day new people join this profession and try their best to make a name for themselves. So it becomes necessary for us to follow various trends in order to keep up our own reputation as well. Otherwise if we do not make an attempt to improve ourselves constantly then will soon begin to lag behind other competitors who work hard on their skills just like professionals do.

– No guarantee or warranty of work at all

Background: Freelance Writing Tips A few tips to keep in mind when you choose this profession are as follows:

– If you wish to be a freelance writer then first make yourself aware of the particular field that you want to work on. For example if you are interested in SEO content writing then it becomes necessary for us to learn all about search engine optimization, how it functions and what are the different aspects that are associated with it. So do not jump into things suddenly thinking you will pick up everything as and when needed because nothing can be far from truth than this. – Even though there is no boss around, but still it is important for one to take assignments seriously so that future clients come back looking here again instead of taking help from other people sitting next door. This means good quality, proper grammar and punctuation, perfect flow in the sentence construction and correct sentence structures have to be followed strictly. This will ensure a good reputation in the long run.

– The client must always be kept up to date about what is going on with his assignment or project. He should never feel that you are neglecting anything at all because this will further create a bad image of yours among other clients as well which can come back to haunt us when need arises badly. So keep yourself updated and follow updates from the client regularly so that there is no scope left for any confusion to take place whatsoever.

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