The Worst Reasons For Not Hiring a Freelance Content Writer

So, are you all set to enter the 24×7 global marketplace called the Internet through one or more of your own websites? Well, then you’ve just embarked on a journey. There are too many obstacles on this road, but there are also many rewards. Have you played arcade video games before? So think about your journey on the internet. What kind of people you have on the team, or should I say what kind of weapons you have will determine whether you find your target or fail. Many people think that website design is the key to success when they enter the World Wide Web. They hired the most expensive web design team and designed the most spectacular website. However, a purely beautiful website is like a Bugatti Veyron without fuel. Yes, there was a time when web design was one of the most important aspects of doing business online. In fact, it is still very important. But there are other equally important factors that have emerged. Therefore, it is not enough to hire the best design team. You need to have an equally efficient content team. Yes, high quality content is the backbone of every successful website on the internet today.

It’s easy to find a quality writer for your work. There are thousands of websites equipped with free content writers. But not everyone is satisfied with this idea. I’ve seen some of the most absurd reasons cited for not hiring freelance content writers. The word freelance in this word has caused unrest among many people. They tend to associate the term freelance with inefficiency. But if this is the case, more than half of the web-based content you see is outdated.

“I don’t have that kind of budget.” If you plan to hire professional writers, this statement makes sense. Professional copywriters charge by the hour and depending on their popularity on the internet, costs can be as high as $50 an hour. Other costs are per page and the cost is no less than US$50 to US$100. So let’s assume that all your sites need 1000 articles. Do you know what it will cost you in the end? Not all companies have such a budget. On the other hand, the best freelance content writers will charge you between $10 and $20 per page. While you can get inexperienced students, they make pretty good copies of content for $3 a page.
“I’d rather hire a full-time writer for the company.” Now, if you can get the same benefits without them, why make such investments and promises? Freelance content writers are all about flexibility. There is no long-term commitment. After the work is done, you split up. Isn’t it more flexible?
“Language doesn’t sell my products. It sells itself.” Does it sound like you? Well, here to remind you not to compete with any supermarket near you. This is a global marketplace, the World Wide Web, to be heard and seen you have to scream, and language is the only way to do that.
“My representative is fluent in English and I think he can write texts for my website.” Speaking English is quite different from creating a catchy text. My hairdresser speaks very good English. Does this mean I can hire him to write or copy content? No, not everyone has a way of using words. Additionally, if your sales rep wants to write content, who will sell it? Is it your accountant? Not everyone can handle multiple tasks at once.
“How am I supposed to work with people who are in another corner of the earth?” The technology has advanced. Today, classroom meetings, board meetings and product demonstrations are successfully held on the Internet with parties in different corners of the world. If you are a freelance content writer, all you need to do is provide the writer with a product introduction and project requirements (if any). At dinner in the evening, 4 to 5 articles are waiting in your email inbox for your review. If it’s uncomfortable, squeeze me hard, maybe I’m in a dream.

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