Freelance Writing Rates in 2021

Free writing speed has always been ubiquitous. This is due to several factors, such as:

1. Factors that determine freelancers’ writing speed

These are the three main factors that determine how much you can charge.

Niche: Some niches pay more than others. For example, as a technical writer you are more likely to make more money than as a fashion writer.

Types of Writing: Like niches, certain types of writing have higher incomes than others. For example, did you know that writing a sales page can bring in thousands of dollars? you can. The cheap price for this type of writing is several thousand dollars. Successful writers who do this type of writing charge a five-figure fee, such as Bob Bly.

If you’re interested in this kind of high-paying copy, you can use Google terms like “direct reply copy” or “direct mail copy” for more information.

Industry Rates: While research writing rates for freelance writers vary widely, you can find industry standards. As one freelancer said, “If anyone can afford you, your rates are too low. If no one can afford them, your rates are too high.”

For reference only, Writer’s Digest publishes an annual free pricing guide to help you “calculate your fees, hourly rates and project rates and learn how to negotiate to get more money. It also includes sample rates and more Many resources to help you improve your price.”

There are more factors to determine the fees you should charge as a freelance writer, but these are the three most important factors. Now that you better understand writing job pricing, 2016 is great news for freelancers.

2. Interest Rates Rise

This year, all signs point to an increase in free writing.

One of the main reasons is content marketing. According to the 2016 B2B Content Marketing Benchmark, Budget and Trends Report from the Content Marketing Association, the leading resource for content marketers, 88% of B2B marketers use content marketing and 51% expect to increase their content marketing budget next year.

Content marketing has been all the rage in recent years and companies are not only allocating more budget for this form of marketing, but are also investing in in-depth content. Prove? Inc’s article 7 Ways 2016 Will Force Your Content Marketing Strategy to Change explains why and states:

“…Quality standards have become stricter and more important than ever. If you want to survive in 2016 and beyond, your content must…be better researched, written better, and more valuable to your audience.”
This means that the company invests in skilled writers that you cannot hire at a low price.

Three, improve your skills

What customers are looking for are results: for example, how many clicks a post gets, how many reposts on social media, how many new subscribers their newsletter gets.

For writers, this means not only sharpening your writing skills, for example learning to write titles that are clicked, but also the interaction on social media becomes more effective. Why social media? Because it involves a lot of network traffic. That’s why you need to understand what, how and why people communicate through different media so you can create the content they consume.


This is the best time to become a freelance writer. If you decide to take a risk, keep these points in mind.


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