Not a Successful Freelancer

One of the important reasons why freelancing has now started thriving is because of the global economy and payment systems that needs less documents from you and offers lots of services starting from funds transfer to your bank account to funds transfer to accounts anywhere in the world.

In addition, almost every industry out there need freelancers for designing, web development, content writing, research, art work and etc.

You can also get yourself registered on freelance portals that provide you with work offers to undertake. Getting started with freelancing is an easy process but it’s hard to sustain in the long run if you don’t take care of some important factors like – keeping your profile attractive, maintain good relations with your employer (and clients), give quality results, not asking for much pay rates from clients or employers and what not. In this article i have mentioned 10 tips that will help to become a successful freelancer:

1- Make sure you have a professional looking website so it doesn’t look bad when potential clients visit your site. A professional website can be easily designed these days because there are many templates available online for free or for a small price.

2- You can also use paid services like freelancer website that offer place to showcase your works and the history of jobs you have undertaken. Client satisfaction is one of the major factors that will help you to gather more projects and clients as well as good reviews from your employer which in turn will help you to search for better jobs easily.

3- One thing i notice about many freelancers out there is that they do not follow instructions given by their client because he/she does not know how to write properly. This may lead to client dissatisfaction and negative review. Employers want quality work no matter what it takes them to give instructions but if the same instructions are repeated then it makes sense for both parties, thus follow instructions so your client will be pleased and you can have a good review at the end of the project.

4- Make sure to provide quality work to your clients so they will always come back for more projects with you or recommend you to their colleagues or friends that requires help from freelancer’s. In order to do this, make sure that every step is taken care of from understanding of requirements, providing quality designs/scripts/content after you get clear instructions from employer. Providing quality results will definitely ensure repeat orders from employers as well as positive reviews which in turn helps people find more jobs through your profile which makes it more visible online on freelancing websites and hence more opportunities for work.

5 – Always maintain a good relationship with your employer. It is important to understand that you can get better jobs through your current employer and good reviews which in turn will get you more work orders or projects, but make sure it does not affect the quality of your work.

6- While bidding for a project try to give reasonable bid amount so that it may match the budget of the client and thus might increase chances of getting selected.

7 – Try to be flexible and ready to take up small tasks and projects especially if you want to build a strong portfolio on freelancing websites. You can start out by completing small task at low payments until you gather some experience working online. Asking high payments from clients initially may even discourage them from choosing you because they think you are not eligible for so low payment at the beginning.

8- Try to bid for a project that interests you because then you will be more enthusiastic about it and the quality of your work will impress employer resulting in good reviews which attracts more employers and projects coming up on your freelancing website.

9- Keep a track record of all important information like price ranges, details related to previous jobs, feedback from employers or clients etc. because it can help you immensely when bidding for future projects or even getting new clients because it establishes your credibility online.

10- Last but not least make sure to back up your work somewhere else other than on the server where you get hosted because sometimes servers may go down abruptly due to any reason and all data present in there gets lost. So always have a backup just in case.

The above mentioned tips should surely help you to be a successful freelancer and establish your work online especially if you are a fresher or a new comer in the business of freelancing. But make sure you do not only rely on these factors but also try to market yourself by looking for different ways to promote yourself like social media, blogging etc. These factors will definitely increase your chances of getting higher paying jobs and good reviews which will open doors or opportunities for growth in this online industry or business.

Thanks for reading this article and I hope it helps you achieve success as a freelancer . If you enjoyed this post then do share with others. Also, we would love it if you kindly drop us some feed back . We are always glad to hear from you.

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