Websites That Offer Services Like Fiverr

Websites similar to Fiverr are one of the most popular ways to earn money through the internet. These websites are commonly called online marketplaces. Similar to FIVERR, these marketplace websites are one of the most popular ways to pay for people to do things for you and to earn money. These short term freelance jobs are usually done through these websites under the online marketplace category where, people are paying and earning a certain amount ranging from $5, $10, $15 and $20. Here are the mechanics on how to successfully transact through online marketplaces.

What Are The Services Offered?

1.) People pay for different kinds of services offered by the website. These range from being someone’s personal assistant to being an art dealer or even an IT technician just to name a few.

2.) You have to register first in order to get started with using this service provider. This is done so you can be credited your initial capital upon your future transactions made within their system. Remember that these platforms are ‘online marketplaces’ meaning it charges higher fees compared if you were to do your transaction yourself without them.

3.) Make sure you are familiar with the terms and conditions of the website so you will be able to avoid paying additional fees if ever you have any issues or disputes on your transactions. They usually have a lot restrictions so read everything carefully before you commit to anything.

4.) A respectable site will not accept payment transfers from strangers since they can potentially scam their members this way. It is also recommended that you only transact with people who are willing to go first (meaning, transfer the whole amount prior to receiving their end of payment), or at least meet up in person during your designated time period for the trade. This way it would be more legit and safer once the deal has been done .

What Are The Benefits Of Transacting Through A Marketplace Like Fiverr?

1.) You get paid to do things you usually do anyway in this modern world. Think of it as “free money”.

2.) It gives you something to do while earning ‘extra’ cash on the side. You could be doing this part time or even full time depending on your schedule and availability. This is a great source of extra income and anyone can sign up and use these services, especially if they are students like me who needs pocket money for school supplies, or professionals who need additional earnings for their monthly expenditures.

3.) There’s no pressure dealing with people outside your comfort zone using this service since transactions through online marketplaces (paying strangers) require each party to send a payment or transfer a certain amount of money before the other party does.

4.) The business model is very simple and straightforward, making it easy for people to understand how this online service works. In fact, you could even refer your friends and acquaintances who also need extra cash for their businesses through signing up on these sites as affiliates or by becoming an affiliate marketer . It’s one of the easiest sources of additional income out there.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Using A Marketplace Like Fiverr?

1.) There are hidden charges you need to bear in mind when using these types of websites such as the lowest price plus the delivery fee which most platforms charge you separately. You might lose track with all these extra fees for every transaction you make.

2.) The marketplace has higher fees compared if you transact directly without their system which means, the more transactions you make (for example, $4), the less money you will be left with after all your fees are deducted.

3.) There’s no clear evidence that people who offer services within these marketplaces really exist or not since it is very easy to create fake accounts to scam people. This leaves an insecure feeling when using these sites and can potentially cost them one customer out of thousands or even millions registered users they have on their site.

Is Transacting To People On Online Marketplaces Like Fiverr Legit?

Yes. It is completely safe as long as you follow simple guidelines like meeting up in person if possible and only accepting payment transfers from people you personally know, or at least someone who is willing to go first (meaning the other party transfer the money before they receive their end of payment), etc.

What If People Offer Unbelievable Prices On A Marketplace Like Fiverr?

This is perfectly normal since these online service providers are free to set their own prices. Some offer services for as low as $5, others sell theirs for $20 and beyond. It all depends on how much effort and time was spent doing a certain task and taking into consideration the fees charged on the platform through which you will be transacting with them.

How To Get Started Using A Marketplace Like Fiverr:

1.) First, you need to sign up on these marketplaces which are free.

2.) Find services that interest you like writing articles for $5 per article or other simple tasks that can be done online.

3.) Once you found something you’re interested in, simply send the other party a message through their email address provided and ask them if they offer that service. Most of the time, this will lead to automatic approval depending on the provider’s availability where they can accept your request right away without having to wait until it gets approved first by the website’s management team .

4.) The transaction process starts once you’ve set up everything with each other. Make sure to inquire about all the charges including additional so there would be no misunderstanding later.

5.) Once everything is done, both parties will have their part in agreement fulfilled. The service provider will send you the work product and for your transaction to go through, you’ll have to pay them using the platform’s payment system which charges a certain deduction depending on how much money you’re transferring.

With all that said, engaging with people on these marketplaces is similar to dealing with strangers where safety is always a factor to consider when transacting or doing business online. There are many stories of people who were scammed because they never knew who they were dealing with before sending payments. Make sure to use common sense when allocating your time spent here since there are still people out there who are willing to take advantage of others because they only see dollar signs.

Also, some of these online service providers are legitimate and can be trusted to deliver quality work for what they offer. The problem is that there are still more people who take advantage of others through setting prices extremely low just so they would have the chance to land clients without compromising the quality of their work. There’s nothing wrong with being an affordable buyer but it isn’t really fair if the other party knowingly takes advantage of your kindness without you knowing about it.

To conclude, using marketplaces like these are fine as long as you follow all simple steps I mentioned above since it depends on how much risk you’re willing to take versus possible gains by transacting with these service providers directly instead of using a marketplace where transaction fees are higher. You can check out Fiverr or any other marketplaces like it by simply doing a Google search for “online service providers” and you’ll see results in no time!

Thank you very much for reading my article. If you would like to learn more about how I earn money online, please go here . Thank you again!

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