Why I Chose Freelance Writing As A Career Option?

Shortly after, I started my writing career when the recession hit in 2009. Although I was lucky enough not to lose my job, one fine morning I received an email with a 20% pay cut. When I got home that night, my frustration and disappointment were endless. At this point, I should mention that in addition to my full-time job, I also make hundreds of dollars a month doing freelance writing jobs. That same night, when I was negotiating a project with a freelance client, I thought to myself, if I can spend a few hours a week and earn a few hundred, why not invest a whole day and spend a few thousand? to earn? per month. That is it! A week later I resigned. Since then, I’ve been enjoying the benefits of a full-time job without having to worry about all the unnecessary things like evaluations and salary cuts.

Is this the only reason to choose a freelance career? of course not! Read on to find out why I gave up a pretty high paying job to pursue a freelance career…

Achieve a healthy work-life balance: the nine-to-five work takes their own rights. Although I work full time, I will never be able to achieve a healthy work-life balance. I have a friend who complained that he never had a good time together. When I get home, my parents wait a year to see me.

Start my own performance: I no longer worry about performance evaluation and evaluation. I’m not afraid to be late for work. I work with people with a similar mindset to me, who care more about relationships than about budgets and deliverables.

Follow the range of my hobbies: I have always been interested in being a part of the beauty and skincare industry. But due to my lack of time and energy for my 9 to 5 gig, I couldn’t do this. After quitting my job, I participated in a one-month makeup training program and successfully ran a makeup studio. I train novice makeup enthusiasts and work with several well-known companies to provide consultancy services.

Be lazy if you want to steal: Writing is a profession that doesn’t fit the traditional way of working. Being a freelancer, I can easily take a day off to overcome my writer’s obstacles and come back with a fresh perspective, almost always adding freshness to the stories I create.

Travel your way: Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always wanted to travel and learn about different civilizations and cultures. Needless to say, if I work full time, this is simply impossible. Since I started freelancing, I’ve had plenty of opportunities to go to lesser-known destinations.


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