The Pros and Cons of Freelance Writing

Freelance writing is definitely a dream job. You can feel completely satisfied, challenged and enthusiastic about what you are doing. If this is how you feel, this is a perfect job, right? Other times, free writing can be a total nightmare. You may feel exhausted, tired and depressed. This job is only suitable for the most dedicated, passionate and strong-willed people. Here are more pros and cons of free writing.


Freelance writing is very different from “normal” nine-to-five work. One of the biggest differences is that you are your own boss. This means setting your own schedule, doing the work you need to do to get the job, and most importantly, sticking to your schedule. This is perhaps one of the hardest things to do. In the days when you want to lie in bed, no one will force you to work. If you are late for work, no one can yell at you and no one can tell you how long it will take to complete a particular task. This means you have to do all these things yourself! If you are not an ambitious or strong-willed person, this can get difficult. An important reminder is to plan and make important decisions about your schedule and time.

Another drawback is that it is sometimes difficult to find well-paid programs. You may find many jobs, but the salaries of these jobs may be very low or even unpaid, nobody appreciates them and customers are also very grumpy. This is one of the most frustrating aspects of being a freelance writer. Since you have to put in a lot of work to earn a living, this is also one of the easiest ways to get exhausted in freelance writing. Sometimes people get exhausted by these things and eventually find a job outside and never write again. Like I said, you need a strong will in this industry.


Just as it can be very difficult to be your own boss, it also has its perks. For example, if you decide that you just want to take a week off without notice, you can. You are the boss, you can do whatever you want. However, this requires a combination of a lot of self-discipline, willpower and ambition to make you a successful freelance writer.

Another benefit of writing for free is that you can basically make the money you want. The problem is that you have to put in work, time and frustration to get there. When you work with your boss, the extra work you do is used to organize his or her wallet. As a freelance writer, the extra work you do is reflected in the money you make, the list of clients you build, and your own success. When you become a successful freelance writer, you will truly feel like you are on top of the world. You can become a successful freelance writer if you have the skills, talents and enthusiasm needed to participate in this business.

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